Brittany Campbell, Wisconsin Region President

This Year

This year has been filled with so many positive things, and  it is hard to know which one has impacted me the most! I have been a student for the last three years, but only in the past year have I attended courses on campus. This change was what got the ball rolling for so many amazing things.

I sent an email to my PTK chapter and shortly after received a reply from the president. She told me about an open position on the Leadership Team and it sounded like fun. I wasn’t sure that I had the skills to do the job, but she believed in me and that was the support I needed to start my journey.


I was inspired by the regional officers o do more, but first I had many other things to accomplish on a chapter level. We planned our bi-annual induction ceremonies, events on campus to promote our College Project and Honors in Action Projects, and many service opportunities which included the first-annual Family Spooktacular.

I saw a need to connect our school’s campuses, as we have metro (local) and regional campuses where PTK’s presence is not as strong as our main campus. My goal was to work with the metro campuses and interact with the students . This was more rewarding than I’d ever imagined. There were multiple students I helped become members, who may not have otherwise, by answering their questions and connecting them to advisors as needed.


My role in PTK also included updating our organizations 3-Year-Budget-Plan where I updated our documents and presented with a PowerPoint to our Student Activities Board for approval. This experience opened my eyes to how the organization ran behind the scenes and how our chapter supports its members.

By getting involved with Student Life, I had the opportunity to serve my college in many other ways. These included planning events for the Programs and Activities Council, sitting on the Student Affairs Council discussing important topics with staff, faculty and administration, and also being a Student Life Ambassador, Ultimately these things all connected back to PTK.

When I graduated, May 17th, I felt so empowered by wearing all of the regalia I’ve earned this year. I saw so many other PTK bmembers  and couldn’t help but feel so happy for us all. One journey has ended while another is about to start. I cannot wait for what the future holds!

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