Embracing Your Leadership Journey

Last Spring, Regional Coordinator, Linda Duffy, invited me to consider taking on the role of Associate Regional Coordinator.  It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was a next step I wanted to take. When asked to take on any role, we often feel a great sense of pride because someone saw something in us that made them think you could do this, take on more and lead at a new level.  However, with that pride comes an enormous sense of accountability.

As I started learning the ropes and really diving into the “innerworkings” of PTK, it made me think of all the roles and responsibilities that our students take on every year as they begin their PTK leadership journeys. I can identify with the excitement, gratification and nervousness that can come with these new roles.  But as we all know, when it comes to an organization as special as Phi Theta Kappa, we can’t help but want to do more, see more, and truly be more. And we can’t help but be excited when membership finally becomes “official” or when you are finally handed your new nametag with your new title. As we all start our academic years–and as we invite and induct new members–we feel prideful, but we also want to live up to the expectations of an “honor student” or “honor society advisor.”

My advice to all the students starting and continuing their academic journeys this year is to appreciate and embrace what others see in you.  In addition, share your excitement and passion with those invited to join PTK.  Show them that you believe in them: ask them to be involved, encourage them to serve as an officer, give them a title, hand them a new name tag.  I promise you will see them beam with pride, and with some patience and a little encouragement, they will live up to–and possibly even surpass–your expectations.