Five Reasons to Attend the Spring Regional Convention

Mary Williams, Communications Director, Western Technical College

Five Reasons to Attend the Spring Regional Convention

In 10 days, Wisconsin PTKers will be descending up on Northcentral Technical College for the Spring Regional Convention.  This convention will be full of activities, workshops, and a special keynote speaker, Alonzo Kelly.  But you can’t see or do any of these things unless you are there.  In case you need more convincing, here are the top FIVE reasons why you should be there!

Speech Competitions

We will be having two speech competitions. The first competition will be a prepared speech: “How would you convince someone to join PTK based on available member benefits?” The other competition is going to be an impromptu speech competition.  For the impromptu speech, you will receive your topic at the conference, and you will have a window of time to create a speech.  The winner of each competition will receive a prize and will represent Wisconsin in the speech competition at Catalyst in Orlando, FL.


Not only are the movies and music industry having their award ceremonies, we will be having our award ceremony as well. There will be awards presented at the individual level as well as the chapter level.  You can also present your honors in action or college project that you did for the year.

College Fair

What are your plans for after graduating this spring?  Have you decided what college you will be attending next fall?  We will have a college fair with several  colleges that can help you make a decision about that next big step.


The Regional Officers have been working hard to put together another round of informational workshops to help you to Level Up your PTK experience. Our Vice President, Heather will be doing a presentation on the new college transfer tool, Transfer Edge, it is brand new, and you should go it will be very informative. Our President, Adrianna, attended Catalyst last year, she will be sharing her experience and helping new attendees (like me) by explaining what to expect at Catalyst. And I will be presenting on how to get members more engaged in your chapter.

Keynote Speaker

We are so proud to have such a Leader in Leadership as our keynote speaker, Alonzo Kelly.  He is a two-time national bestselling co-author. He has assisted nearly 800 businesses, Fortune 500 businesses as well as non-profit organizations. He has been on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. He will be at the convention on Saturday to discuss how we can take the skills, knowledge, and abilities we have now and using them to achieve the results we want tomorrow.

So get ready to Level Up in Wausau!  I have given you FIVE excellent reasons to attend Spring Regional Convention,  but there are many more.  Plus, you can’t experience this unless you are there.  There are still a few days left to register so do it today!