Get the Edge…And the Pin!

Brittany Campbell
Regional President

For those who were not able to make it to my workshop at the Fall Leadership Conference at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, WI this year I wanted to fill you in on some cool stuff. I wanted to provide PTK members some benefits to all the Edge programs that are exclusive to members. These are self-paced, online, professional development courses with each of the three programs being centered in an area. There is Competitive Edge focusing on enhancing soft skills, Employment Edge preparing you for the work force, and Transfer Edge getting you ready to transfer to a 4-year institution. Plus, at the end you will the scoop about earning your pin!

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge really targets a person’s soft skills. Soft skills are, but not limited to, that of critical thinking and research, written and oral communication, interpersonal/EQ, cultural awareness, planning/organizing/goal setting, and professional etiquette. Not only do these skills help you in the workplace, but they are really useful in everyday interactions and living. These modules help you start thinking about your plan for the future career. Also imbedded throughout the modules is the Honors Case Study which is sort of like a mini-independent HiA. Give yourself a competitive advantage to achieving dreams!

Employment Edge

Are you like me and not planning to transfer to a university? I am eager to enter the workforce once I complete my degree, so Employment Edge is what I’m working on right now. You will have the opportunity to make an employment resource journal to help you out in the real world. Get advice and see interviews with nationwide employers as they discuss what they want you to know before entering the work force. Get tips on how to nail your interview and negotiate your well-deserved salary. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of LinkedIn because this course provides a step-by-step guide to creating your own professional networking profile on LinkedIn.

Transfer Edge

Looking ahead to the Spring Leadership Conference I will be excited to learn about all of the universities at our transfer fair. If you don’t want to wait to until March 6th and 7th, 2020 to get transfer information check out the Transfer Edge program. Get a better understanding of the financial aid and student loan processes. See what advice PTK alumni have about transferring as well as from the experts in transfer success. If you have more questions think about joining one of the talk forums while you prepare to make the most of your transition to a four-year college. Who knows, you may get the edge on being selected to the school of your dreams after working on your essay and resume writing!

Free Pins!!!

Part of our regional goals is to keep recognizing all of your amazing accomplishments. One way we would love to do this is by presenting you with your 5 Star Competitive Edge pin at the next regional conference upon completion.

The Employment Edge and Transfer Edge programs offer a Digital Badge. A digital badge, also known as a digital credential, is emailed to you upon completion of each individual module throughout each course. This allows you to show your achievements in Career Excellence and display it across the web, especially that new LinkedIn account you created along the way.

I encourage you to get started on any of the Edge programs or go ahead and check them all out. You are able to work on all of them at the same time and PTK designed it so your progress automatically saves, thanks HQ! Go out and Get the Edge!