High Achieving Honor Students

Heather Schroeder, Regional Vice President

We are honor students

We are honor students. We represent a large group of high achieving college students from two-year community or technical colleges across the globe. Have you ever wondered if others know you are an honor student? Can they tell?

Alonzo Kelly

Alonzo Kelly’s keynote speech at the Spring Regional Convention changed the way we see ourselves as honor students. We have done the work and continue to fulfill requirements to be an active member of PTK, but one thing we learned, from Alonzo Kelly  is that we now need to prove that we are “honor students.” The way we present ourselves, even outside of school, will determine if we are truly honorable.  Nothing is given. We need to work to become recognized as high achievers by making a difference in our communities through fellowship, leadership, scholarship, and service.


What was the best piece of information you learned from Alonzo Kelly? Did a breakout session make the most impact? We want to here your thoughts.  Post to our Facebook group and let us know what impacted you the most.
Alonzo Kelly is an amazing speaker and he changed my life with his presentation about high performance to high achievement. It is time we prove that we are more than high potential and are ready to become high achievers.