Shana Farrell-Three Keys to a Meaningful Life

About Me

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Shana Farrell, a life purpose, life and leadership coach who will be kicking off your PTK spring conference in Madison, on Friday, March 6th with 3 Keys to a Meaningful Life.  Expect an inspiring, interactive and memorable session with personal reflection and thought-provoking insight relating to life and leadership.

Like many adults, I’ve spent most of my life climbing the career and achievement ladder.  At the pinnacle of my career, I looked back on all that I sacrificed to reach the top of that ladder.  As I looked around, I realized…nothing was there.  It was just an illusion.  It was shortly after that epiphany that my ladder was pulled out from under me, and my life began to unravel.  This spiral flipped my life completely upside down.  I began to understand that my ladder was propped against the wrong building, entirely.

A Transformative Personal Journey

Since then, and for most of the last decade, I have been on a transformative personal journey as a seeker of my true self and have pursued my callings.  As I exited that storm of life, I was awakened to the reason for that storm, and my life purpose.  Through experiences on this journey, I felt compelled to change my life, by focusing on meaningful work.  This shift changed my life in dramatic and positive ways, as I made some difficult decisions to set boundaries, face fears and walk away from illusions that no longer served the new me.  I created a new life, as we all can, when we truly believe it’s possible.  I started living an intentional life of purpose and fully embraced the reason that I exist, as my new identity.  I exist to provide hope and inspiration for people who struggle or suffer.

My path led me to advocate for abused and neglected children and to work with the actively dying, as a hospice volunteer.  My journey, the positive and the negative, has taught me so much about life’s meaning and myself; my potential and my personal power to make positive changes in the world. The world’s most vulnerable, children and adults, have given and taught me so much about my highest self, and my connection to humanity. Through sharing my life experiences and personal vulnerabilities, I have embraced my authenticity and aligned my new life with my core values of integrity, wisdom, and helping others; to make positive differences in the world.

A Few Things to Think About

I’m so excited to share more of my story with you, and some heart-centered leadership insights I’ve learned, along the way.

To set the stage for the upcoming conference, I encourage you to take a moment to think about, or journal answers to these questions, before our time together-

  • Who are you (the real you)?  What does your life story tell you?  What thoughts, actions and behaviors do you need to work on, to be your best self?
  •  Why are you here? (on this planet)
  •  Why does this matter?  If you’re watching the local or world news, you’ll have plenty of answers…

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, March 6th

Shana Farrell

New Life Coaching & Consulting, LLC