Stressing about Finals?

Angel Ortiz, Regional Communications Director

It’s that time of the semester again when our classes are ending and we have our finals! After weeks of homework, projects, and possibly essays we were preparing for the big one, our final test! Now when it comes to studying and preparing for finals is when the stress begins to set in. You tend to start to worry about whether you will pass or fail but begin to put too much pressure on yourself. I will let you know some things I do to relieve my stress for finals as well as some regional members and what they do during their stressful times as well.


During finals week, my college likes to host a de-stress fest and have different activities for us students to participate in, for example massage chairs, a sound bath, coloring, etc. I like to participate in those activities for my own personal de-stressing, but I also like to listen to music while I study, along with sitting in my backyard on the rocks right by the lake, depending on the weather that is. Taking breaks while preparing for finals is crucial to not being as stressed.

In the Region

I made a post on our Regional Facebook page and asked some ways that others like to do to de-stress and a couple people responded. Our Regional President Brittany Campbell said, “I try to listen to music to try to reduce my stress” and I agree with her 100%!  Another member mentioned that they have a very busy schedule managing school and their family and that there really was no time to de-stress, but if you take about 5 minutes to get yourself together and refocus I promise those 5 minutes to breathe will be worth it in the end! I also added a link that you can go to for 20 different ways to de-stress from finals!

I hope finals go well for everybody and good luck, you got this!