The Present and The Future


Angelique Ortiz, Regional Communications Director


Fall is just beginning, and in the first half of this year so much has happened that I feel like it’s all been a dream. I recently graduated with my first associate’s degree in Accounting in May, went to my very first Catalyst, traveled to Australia, and became the Regional Communications Director for Wisconsin! I feel like I have traveled enough to last me a while, but cannot wait to get back out there. Although the RO position is exciting, things will be very new for me. I am getting the hang of things while receiving and obtaining all the new information that comes with this role. I cannot wait to grow as a leader and develop my skills in this role as well as make a positive impact while growing our region.



This next year will hold so many new opportunities for me.  I will facilitate a workshops at the  fall and spring conferences. My chapter will host the summer conference in 2020.  I will also get a first look and gain experience of how to do an HiA and case study. I have already gained some new friendships that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will be finishing up with my second degree in Business Management, and possibly travel to Bali or Morocco to help with one of my classes (of course before the summer conference). I will say one has the power to do anything that they are willing to give. So tell me, “What’s one thing that you want to accomplish within the next year?” Challenge yourself and tell us what you want to accomplish!