What Phi Theta Kappa Means to Northern Michigan University.

By: Kevin Stulz
Senior Associate Director | Admissions


For over twenty years Northern Michigan University has recognized the importance that Phi Theta Kappa plays in the education and in the overall development of future transfer students by offering a PTK transfer scholarship.

Of course, the landscape of higher education is always changing. High school students now have many opportunities to get a head-start on their college careers. Whether it is via dual-enrollment or middle college programs, we have watched as high school students have also been given the opportunity to join PTK and to garner its benefits just like traditionally enrolled college students.

PTK Transfer Scholarship

For that reason the PTK scholarship at Northern Michigan University is no longer limited to just transfer students. Any dual-enrolled or middle college student school student who is inducted in PTK at their local community college is also eligible to receive the PTK scholarship at NMU.

The scholarship requirements are simple; along with your NMU application and any required transcripts, send us proof of your PTK membership (induction certificate or membership card) and we will award the scholarship. It’s that easy.

Via PTK membership we know that students are excelling academically, and are also gaining valuable skills in leadership and in community service.  Those opportunities are just as valuable whether the student is fully enrolled at the college level or is just getting a jump start on their college career.