Where PTK Can Take You

Juliana Steiger, Transfer Admissions Counselor-Clarke University

From one PTK member to another, I would like to say “hello!” from Clarke University! My name is Juliana Steiger, and I am the transfer admissions counselor at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa.

My PTK Journey

My PTK journey started back when I, much like yourself, was studying at a two-year college to earn my associates degree. I received an invitation to join PTK, and my initial thought was what in the world is Phi Theta Kappa? After a little research, I discovered the numerous benefits of joining PTK, an international honor society. Many doors in my college and professional life have been opened because I decided to say yes to PTK.

Benefits for PTK Members Who Transfer to Clarke

When I transferred to a four-year institution, my PTK membership helped me land the largest merit scholarship the school offered! I am grateful today that I get the chance to “pay it forward” by providing that same opportunity to my fellow PTK members at Clarke University. PTK members who transfer to Clarke are eligible to receive a renewable PTK merit scholarship that is equal to half of tuition! For the 2020-2021 school year, the PTK scholarship is $17,325. Students receiving PTK scholarships may qualify for additional talent scholarships in the arts or athletics.

Also, PTK members who transfer to Clarke with an Associate of Art or an Associate of Science degree automatically satisfy the requirements of our general education program, Compass, with the exception of only four credit hours. This transfer policy enables students to make the most of their transfer credits and begin studying their major right away. Even better, your Clarke faculty advisor will work closely with you to ensure that you graduate and are on the right path to meet your personal and professional goals. At Clarke University, we recognize that you have worked hard and invested in your education with intention, and as partners, we want to help you continue that smart investment for your future.

Clarke Is For You

I’m grateful to continue working with PTK members by guiding them through the admissions process at Clarke University. If you are looking for a four-year university that will provide you with numerous opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, Clarke is the place for you. Feel free to reach out to me personally or look at our website to learn more about Clarke. Our online application is free and only takes about fifteen minutes to complete. Apply today to start the conversation about your transfer plan to become a CU success.

Juliana Steiger, Transfer Admissions Counselor